Hospitals are currently looking into the digital transformation, one of these transformation pillars is, Empowering your care teams. One solution I found for this pillar was helping surgeons, dentists or other healthcare providers getting easy but effective access to visual information while they were performing their job. This could be navigating between images or manipulating images, only with the power of the voice.

For this I created a proof of concept that is driven by Cortana, who communicates with a bot that is built on top of the Microsoft Bot Framework, which uses the Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS). This bot then communicates to a Web Api that sends commands to the clients. These commands let us navigate between images or give us the possibilities to zoom. The client is a Core application.


A small overview

A small demo where you can see it in action


This proof of concept could also be used with a standalone Cortana or Alexa speaker and can be integrated with almost every application that has an internet connection.