In my last post I created a Secure Research Environment (SRE), the SRE consist out of a client web application (Angular), a backend (ASP.Net Core), and a Bot (Microsoft Bot Framework) for data management. The application is retrieving all the information via Azure rest endpoints, such as the Microsoft Graph, if you want to know more about the SRE, just click on the link

Another feature I recently added to a website is the Video Indexer, one of the many Cognitive Services from Azure. With this tool, the user can automatically index videos that are being added to the data platform. This helps them finding content in an efficient way.

How does it work:

  1. The platform has a list of suppliers that deliver video footage.
  2. The platform has investigations that will process the footage.
  3. As soon as a video is being transferred from a supplier to an investigation, the Video Indexer Api will be triggered to start indexing the video
  4. The user can go to the investigation to view the indexed video.

A more visual overview:

Overview Investigations

Overview Suppliers

Move video from supplier to investigation

Video is added to the investigation and is being indexed:

When clicking on the show Insights button, the user can see the insights , via the embeded Video Indexer.
This contains keywords, speech sentiment, people and transcript:

A full view:

The code adjustments I needed to make were very small, to give you an overview of what is needed to achieve this, I wrote following code:

The Insights and Video Uri are being loaded in an iframe, the Uri for these items are being fetched in the backed via the videoId



Code behind:

The Backend

The backend is written in ASP.Net Core.

The controller has following methods :

  • Post a new video
  • Index a video
  • Get player widget Uri
  • Get Video Insight Uri
  • Get Index Status

The logic is being done in the services (of course)

The code you need to index a video:

To get the Insight and Video Uri, following code is being used:


And not to forget, as with almost everything, we have amazing docs!
You can find more via following links:


Happy Coding!